Nafarrola is a 450-year-old baserri built with enormous oak trees and local stones. It is located in Artike, one of the rural neighbourhoods of Bermeo. Nafarrola has been witnessing the change of the land and the way of life there.

A baserri is the heritage of the Basque rural life. It was an innovative giant building made to last for generations that is worth to revitalise

The history of NAFARROLA


The name Nafarrola was first mentioned in 1285. It seems that at first, there was only a farm in this valley called Nafarrola. The name is coming from NAFAR (derived from Navarre) + ola (cottage or place). Now there are three buildings called Nafarrola, and our house is the one on top of the hill. Hence, it is called Nafarrolagoikoa ( upper-nafarrola).



This old house has been the home of many families and animals for centuries.  Although the last family was ours, cleaning the farm, I have found some very old pictures: who were they? 

After asking between family and friends, I finally managed to find a woman related to these photos. She’s very well known for being a good dressmaker, and she used to give sewing classes in the village. 

Speaking with her about Nafarrola, she explained that 70 years ago, she used to spend her summers in the baserri. I did the same 20 years ago, and I enjoyed it so much.